Saturday, 24 May 2014


Leave Me Here + Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings have teamed up to bring you this cracker of a night. 


Menacing and majestic, the riffs and atmospheres of Horse Latitudes never veer off into pretension. This trio includes two bass guitar players who combine intricately with a vocalising drummer to execute a sublime form of doom that is heavy as well as serene.

COLTSBLOOD (Liverpool)

Punishing and methodical, Coltsblood's grim sludge encapsulates the haunting howls of ancient armies entering battle. Relentless and dense soul-crushing doom riffs are accompanied with cacophonous drums and the war cries of our ancestors. Coltsblood remind us of the pain as they travel on a bleak journey into the dark remnants of a battle torn past. 

OMMADON (Glasgow/Newcastle)

Heavy and gravity laden, Ommadon's raw and minimal doom comes clawed down from the Moon and crashes to the Earth at a glacial pace. This two piece create huge chasms of heavy riffs telepathically bound with clangorous percussion. A filthy rich heaviness that is always perilously close to collapse into the abyss. 

BONG (Space)

Ritualistic and trance inducing, Bong create molten drone guitar laden vibes that continuously overlap in a journey through ancient space. A sitar crowned swathe of rhythm and darkness brings on eastern tones and reminds us that endurance through darkness leads to mystical fulfilment. Bong are true journeymen and you will be encouraged to accompany them into oblivion. 

Wednesday 23rd July at The Head of Steam, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Doors 7pm, Tickets £7 from the links below