Sunday, 12 April 2015


Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings & Omega Warfare Records present:


Negura Bunget is a black metal band from Timisoara, Romania whose atmospheric sound incorporates elements of progressive metal and folk. To this date, Negura Bunget have released 6 full length albums and 4 EPs.

On October 13th 2014, Negura Bunget finalised the recordings, mixing and mastering for the upcoming album TAU. As the first part of a musical and visual trilogy about their Transylvanian homeland, TAU focuses on the natural landscapes, exploring marvelous places, with their myths, legends and traditions, opening a window to the past of these legendary lands. The album is scheduled for release in early 2015, on Prophecy Productions.


Black metal from Poland.


Death metal from Germany.


Romanian death doom originally founded in 1991, influenced by early Anathema, Tiamat and early Katatonia.

Tuesday 12th of May 2015
Cluny 2
Newcastle Upon Tyne
£10 advance // £12 on the door

Saturday, 4 April 2015


Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings Present:


Since they emerged from Hampshire's catacombs in late 2000, Moss have tirelessly dragged intimidating amplification and metaphysical malignance down a murky and overgrown path to oblivion. Whilst their sound has morphed slowly from lengthy and devastating exorcisms of psychic horror to a comparatively traditional form of sermonising, the last decade and a half had only seen them draw closer to a motherlode of ceremonial ambience and otherworldly dread. Fuelled by classic doom metal and British horror yet in thrall to no-one but their own wayward co-ordinates, these three seers have created a formidable collection of audial documents that bear testimony to an unflinching fascination with the ghastly and esoteric.


Local doom legends Bong need no introduction. Ahead of the release of their new LP We Are, We Were And We Will Have Been, expect to hear sounds from this upcoming record, performed as a three piece.


Sunderland's finest misery mongers. The sound of really big things falling over.
Born To Suffer 3" demo CD released by Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings for this show.

Friday the 8th of May 2015
The Cluny
Newcastle Upon Tyne
£10 advance // £12 on the door

Narc magazine wrote some words about the show too: