Wednesday, 16 April 2014



Following the success of their critically acclaimed debut album "Agonist" in 2009, and after a run of successful tours and crushing live shows, LATITUDES wasted no time starting work on their second full-lengther, "Individuation". And with a growing worldwide following, the quintet from Hertfordshire, is now prepared to unleash their most monumental work to date.

Produced once again by Chris Fielding (Napalm Death, Electric Wizard, Primordial) at Foel Studios in Wales, and mastered by Jamie Gomez Arellano (Ulver, Cathedral, Ghost) "Individuation" will crush you like a steel wrecking ball in a velvet glove. Jungian psychology refers to "Individuation" as the process of self-unification through the resolution of successive layers of psychological conflict. And it is a fitting title for an album that showcases a long hard road for a band that have not only survived, but grown stronger and better with every release. "Individuation" is the band's strongest statement yet and re-affirms why LATITUDES have captured the interest of fans from across genres, worldwide.


The waheela is a wolf-like cryptid reported from Nahanni Valley in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

Waheela are an improvised noise/rock project driven by a shared affection for shrieking feedback, non-denominational riff worship & unexplained sounds. They have been described as sounding like “a kind of death-trance” & akin to a particularly good German band being dredged from a big river.

Waheela are five male bipeds with biblical names & are typically found in darkened rooms in the North of England.


Sunderland based doom droners who rumble like a large thing falling over causing misery for all.

The Head of Steam, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Friday the 18th of April 2014, 7pm
£7 entry, all proceeds to the performers